Global Logistics Service

Global Logistics Service

Global logistics service
we support the flow goods and people


  • Exhibition・Event Transport International Multimodal Transport

    Exhibition and Expo held in major cities are good opportunities for customers looking to make their presence in the world market. However, things like customs clearance laws and infrastructures differ from country to country, troubles like items not clearing customs or items not being delivered.

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    Exhibition・Event Transport International Multimodal Transport
  • International Transportation

    We provide international transportation services to any country, and we can also provide transportation services to unique regions.
    Our professional staff is well versed in the latest local information and can provide prompt and careful support for even the most difficult shipments.

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    International Transportation
  • Professional Transport・Warehouse Storage

    Each customer has its own "products" that they want to compete with in the world, such as foodstuff and traditional crafts. In order to be able to respond to the transportation of special items, we are building a system that can respond to unforeseen circumstances by exchanging information and cooperating with other related parties on a daily basis.

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    Professional Transport・Warehouse Storage
Inquiries regarding International Logistics

Inquiries regarding
International Logistics

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