Real Estate

New Real Estate Investment

Since Tokyo has been chosen for the Olympic in 2020, the real estate market began to gain great interest of the Asian investors. Many of them have inquired BLUELINE as well, so we have decided to meet the needs of real estate purchases for foreign investors. Their objectives differ such as the investment, future migration, a second house, or a temporary house for studying abroad.
We present number of real estates with purchase simulations based on their objectives, budgets, preferred areas, and layouts. Once they decided to purchase, we offer our over all support such as contracting, processing the payment, and property handover in the shortest lead time.

Property Management

We take great care to offer detailed support to investors overseas to manage their property. We periodically report about updates on Japanese real estate market as well as about their property's status, and discuss about their future investments.
Also, we offer support so that the investors in overseas can efficiently invest and manage real estates in Japan, such as find tenants when empty, surrogate payment of apartment management cost, various tax payment as an agency, and file tax under supervision of a tax accountant.

Regarding our license of Real Estate
License Number: Governor of Tokyo(1) No. 99030
Member of:
National Association for Real Estate Transaction Guaranty
The Tokyo Real Estate Public Interest Incorporated Association Koto Ward Branch
Tokyo Real Estate Cooperatives