Market Development

Contact Representative of International Exhibitions

As Exhibition Logistic business as our base, we expand and strengthen our networks with other exhibition logistic companies around the world. As a result, we are frequently asked to be the contact representative of international exhibitions on behalf of the hosts.
As a contact representative of international exhibitions, we provide various services to smoothly unite internatioal exhibition hosts in other countries who seek exhibitors from Japan and companies who seek to exhibit in overseas. For example, we contact companies who wish to exhibit overseas, submit their space application, negotiate position based on the exhibitor's request and other request (such as additional equipment required to exhibit, promotional options such as advertisement on brochure published by the host), assist payment of to exhibit, pre-arranging exhibitor badge and deliver final information before the exhibitions, follow-up (interview the effect of exhibition and our advice after the exhibition for their future exhibit).
The hosts find it efficient that their contact company is consolidated to only one company from application of the exhibitions to logistics.

International Exhibition Planning / Management

Japan is one of the world's strongest economic powers. There are many potential hosts of international exhibition hosts who wish to exhibit in Japan, because Japan has a great potential as a consumer market, which attracts many companies who wish to have business meeting in Japan. Well-maintained public peace, accessibility, and numbers of suitabile exhibition halls available also adds to the attractiveness.
We are happy to consult overseas clients who are interested to host exhibition in Japan from scratch, and provide service and plan to fit their demands.
We will assist in many ways such as, accompanying to visit other international exhibitions in Japan, providing report on Japanese market, planning and managing the exhibitions.
For the domestic clients who wish to exhibit in other countries, we interview them to find their potential market, and provide information of recommended areas and exhibitions which will be held there. Upon request, we support in many ways such as accompanying to the target exhibitions or visit their potential overseas market, arranging the booth for the exhibitions and accomodations.

Examples of Other Services:
・Make an appointment with particular company (matching)
・Research about other exhibitor from Japan/ overseas (research)
・Translator during the exhibition / arrange translator or local staff (HR)