1 International Logistics Logistics for Overseas Exhibition

It is great opportunity for clients to exhibit in major cities around the world. However, troubles occur such as non arrival of cargo or unable to clear the customs. Regulations for importing and exporting differ by countries so are the infrastructures.

Q Why Exhibition Logistic is Difficult

  • Custom regulations differ by countries
  • Before and After schedule is tight
  • Every site is run by different set-up regulations

Year by year, regulations for import are becoming increasingly strict in every country. This is due to many reasons such as terrorists and disputes around the world, diplomatic balance, safety of food. Our cargos are for exhibitions, but same regulations apply as regular cargos; if documents are improperly prepared the customs will stop, thus there may be effect to arrival of the cargo. Also, troubles may occur at bringing in of the cargo at the site because every site is run under different regulations.

Since our establishment in 2002, BLUELINE has been working with our international network to support our clients' logistics safely and surely by customizing logistic plans to meet their demands. Our local partners who contacts their customs authorities on daily basis provides updated information to be cautious when clearing the customs. This helps smooth custom clearance on time. Also, we partner with affiliated specialists at exhibition sites to support set-ups and share detailed rules. Bringing in and out becomes smooth for equipments and labour can also be adjusted.
In 2010, we joined International Exhibition Logistics Associates (IELA).*1 There are only 3 companies in Japan which cleared severe regulations of the IELA. By becoming the full member, our reputation raised and our global network strengthened. We became involved in world wide logistic cases which run by different schedules and preparations from regular international exhibitions such as the Olympics and Expos, or cases such as long-run exhibitions over multi-countries, with our flexibility despite complications. We are happy to serve our clients with alliance of experts representing their countries.
International Exhibition Logistics Association (IELA) is an association of international specialists in exhibition logistics. To join this association, one must have great knowledge and experience in exhibition logistics as well as recommendations from two member companies to pass their strict examination. Currently there are 137 companies across 45 countries. As a full member of IELA, we can run smooth logistics with support of experts around the world who are representing their countries.

Examples of service for exhibition logistics

  • schedule management
  • packing for export
  • document preparation for customs
  • clearing customs to export
  • loading on ship/airplane
  • import customs at the designated country,
    temporary storage
  • shipping to the exhibition site
  • unwrapping and set-up support
  • storing the empty cargo
  • shipping back

IELA stands for International Exhibition Logistics Associates, which is an a worldwide trade association dedicated to enhancing the professionalism of the transportation logistics and freight handling segments of the exhibition & event Industry.
There is strict examination to become a member, which includes submitting company registration by the Chamber of Commerce and corporate history, past records of exhibition logistics, and endorsement of sponsors who are IELA members.
Currently, the associate is comprised of 137 companies in 45 countries, running logistics smoothly around the world.

Logistics for Domestic Exhibition

Some International Exhibition held in Japan designates BLUELINE as an official cargo distributor, because our profession in transporting and performance is highly valued. We support logistics of domestic clients, as well as overseas exhibitors for overall service such as custom clearance of inbound cargos , storage, bringing in and out at the site, and exporting on return.

2 General Logistics Transporting Cargo in General

We offer general cargo logistics using the network, knowledge and experience gained through international and domestic logistics for exhibitions.
We are happy to consult and create overall logistic arrangements (wrapping, document preparations, custom clearance, selecting ship/flight), payment method, and schedule management etc., to best suit client's’ demand for “safe, certain, and quick” logistics.

As a Trade Consultunt

Specialist knowledge is required from external trade in general to international and domestic regulations.
We apply our knowledge of handling cargos gained through exhibition logistics, and precise services to general cargos as well. Instead of quitting services at the end of logistics, we take responsibility to help support trade beginners and clients who trade to areas where logistics are concerned.

3 Extraordinary Logistics Unique Logistics

We undertake logistics for special equipment, logistics requiring special skills, or items which need special declarations to ministries.

● Ground Handling
We serve ground handling and various related supports for aircrafts to land and depart on time. Mainly we serve the Ministry of Defence in Japan, for procurement of supplies, logistics and support departure and arrival of their aircrafts when they dispatch to foreign countries.

① Site management when their aircraft (supply transporter) stopovers at foreign airport.

――  Marshalling, push back, toeing, loading and unloading of cargo, supply fuel, providing equipment for maintenance of airframes

② Declaration to each airport and adjustments

――  patent to enter air space, reservation for airport spot, submit flight plan, informing local weather, etc.

③ Catering, cleaning aircraft interior, feeding water, cleaning sewage
④ Arrange accomodation, other incidental work

● Special Logistics for Private Shows
We support clients' international world tours and private shows through international logistics by projects. All related matter are supported overall, such as special packaging, setups at the site, storage.

● Items which needs special care
We handle valuables, oversize, plant, special cargo such as precision instrument, explosives and combustibles which requires special method to transport,delicate art crafts, refrigerated/frozen food which requires its freshness and temperature control. We can arrange special equipment, vessels, ship, aircraft, or vehicle to safely and surely deliver with great care and management.

●Automobile-related Logistics
We provide entire logistic service for domestic and international motor shows and events, from packing to installations and discharges.

Contingent Business

Property Insurance Agency

International Logistic is surrounded by many risks such as accidents and theft at ship, aircraft, and vehicle, damages of cargo at loading and unloading. BLUELINE have consignment contract with a property insurance company so that we can insure client's cargo on behalf of them. Not only that we can create and offer insurance plans and estimate the cost, but we also assist to report the insurance company in case of accident, accept notification, and assist to claim for the insurance.