Company Overview

BLUELINE is gathering of professionals of Exhibition Logistics.
Skills to combining schedules of logistics through land, sea, and air, skills to manage the site, and the skills to operate importing and exporting of the cargo…
To meet demands of our clients needs in great variations, we have been improving our skills through experiences of further complicating international logistics.

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About Us

Time is limited for sending in, out and set ups of events and exhibits. Our experienced experts manage the site safely and precisely in the limited time by preparing all necessities in advance, such as the documents, layouts, measurements, local research, and preliminary inspections of items.

  • Logistics

    We offer logistics for exhibitions and events abroad and related business, but also offer logistics for domestic exhibitions and regular cargo logistics.

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  • Market Development

    We propose plans and manage exhibitions for hosts who wish to exhibit in Japan, as well as be liaison for exhibitions in other countries.

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  • Real Estate

    For foreign investors, we support to search, negotiate, contract, handing over, and manage the Japanese real estate.

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Strength of BLUELINE