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Other Areas of Business
International Exhibition Planning Proposals and Operations

Customers exhibiting at expositions, trade shows, and other exhibitions overseas can leave everything from planning proposals to onsite operations in our hands.

★Types of exhibition coordination work we provide
 ―Help in selecting which exhibitions to exhibit at
 ―Assistance with exhibitor applications and requests of all sorts
 ―Booth planning proposals
 ―Coordination of building and decorations
 ―On-site management

Participating in an overseas exhibition offers a splendid opportunity for creating new possibilities.
With their wealth of experience, our specialized staff can help our customers to pursue new business opportunities.

Overseas Sales Promotion Activities

We assist with the holding and management of sales events to ensure that your local sales promotion activities are effective.

Holding events, exhibitions, and seminars in the target country are extremely effective ways for companies to promote sales. We provide all kinds of support to our customers to ensure that such sales promotion activities as private shows are effective.
  ・Promotion aimed at students at the University of International Business and Economics
     in Beijing to stimulate recognition and penetration of corporate brands
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Procurement and Sales of Goods

We import goods from Asia and elsewhere around the world that suit the needs of our customers.

If there is some product you need for your business, by all means please talk to us. We procure the best products and help with sales through the network we have cultivated in our international shipping and consulting operations.
  ・Procured pork from Europe for barbecued meats restaurant
  ・Imported mango jam from Taiwan to sell over the Internet

Dispatch of Nursing Staff to Overseas

We use the network we have developed overseas to help nursing service providers deal with their chronic shortages of staff.

We at Blueline dispatch nursing staff from the Philippines and elsewhere overseas through channels of our own that we have cultivated.
By responding rapidly and doing meticulous follow-up work, we have been able to help offset the chronic staff shortages at fee-charging homes for the elderly and other nursing facilities.

  License for Specified Worker Dispatching Undertakings (Minister of Labour, License 13-308444)